• Do you guys sell wholesale?

At this time we are not offering wholesale options.

  • How long will my hair last?

When it comes to caring for the RAW Indian Hair, you have to take care of the hair as if it is your own and then some. Always ensure that no sulfate based shampoo is being used throughout the time frame but life-span this hair could last 3+ years.

  • Is this hair processed & what products should i use?

RAW Indian Hair is unprocessed w/ no chemicals attached to textures that are reflected. There aren't any chemicals that enhance textures and all bundles are single-donor based. Please be mindful that because these textures are natural and RAW no two bundles will look the exact same. We always recommend VO5 as a good shampoo or any shampoo that maybe anti-frizz w/o a sulfate based.

  • Where is the hair from?

All bundles are manufactured in India and taken from temples.

  • Do you offer bundles deals?

No, not at this time. We may sometimes have flash sales to offer so stay tuned to all social media & add your email for future chances.

  • Am I able to bleach, die, or color my hair?

You would definitely be able to do the following to the hair. It is natural human hair, you are able to treat as your own. Definitely take necessary precautions as normal as if it was your hair. Any straightening or curling of the hair with tools will be fine as well.

  • I have already completed my order can I change it?

No, you will not be able to make changes. Please note that you can exchange hair, no refunds, within a 7-business days you are able to exchange any unwanted textures. Please see our EXCHANGE/RETURN policy for more info.

  • I have ordered my hair, when will it ship?

Please allow 2-days processing, and 7 business days to receive order once shipped. There maybe a longer delay around any major holiday or incidents that are not foreseen in your area.

  • Is your RAW hair considered VIRGIN?

Absolutely! Any virgin hair is non-chemical based or enhanced. We only provide single-donor hair without any additional handling. Please be sure to co-wash before installing. Virgin hair has been tarnished and used very loosely w/ processed hair companies. There are no gimmicks, minks, process, or synthetic strands associated w/ the product. Once you do receive your hair be sure to note that no two bundles are the exact same because it is a RAW & unprocessed bundle.